List of Teen Magazines Online

Welcome here,In this post we share all popular Teen Magazines at one post.I hope this is very helpful for all.It’s covering all  entertainment,movies, tv shows, music, celebrities, events, fashion, sports, business,  healthcare, and more.

List of Teen Magazines

  • Seventeen

    The Leading magazine especially for girls from the ages of 13-20 years. The magazine contain articles about lifestyles, fashion, fitness, celebrities, college, career, makeup, health, nutrition, and more.

  • Teen Vogue magazine

    Teen Vogue

    The American magazine for teenagers. The magazine covering fashion, beauty, hire style, health, fitness, makeup tips, career, horoscopes, music, and more.

  • American Cheerleader Teen Magazine

    American Cheerleader

    The Popular magazine for cheerleaders, enthusiasts, coaches and parents. The magazine published by MacFadden Performing Arts Media LLC.

  • Teen Ink magazine

    Teen Ink

    The Teen Ink magazine published 10 times per year. The magazine contains articles about movie, and music reviews, poetry, college information, sports, interviews, art, photography, and more.

  • Young Rider magazine cover

    Young Rider

    The Bi-monthly magazine written for teens who own horses or who take lessons at riding schools. The magazine featuring how to improve riding skills safely, tips on grooming, feeding, and how to look after their horses.

  • Girls' Life magazine

    Girls’ Life

    The American teen magazine for 10 to 15 year old girls. The magazine covering entertainment, fashion, skin care, quizzes, fun stuff, new fashion trend, new beauty trend, chip fashion, and more.

  • J-14 magazine cover

    J-14 Magazine

    The Teen celebrity magazine. Like the majority of teenage magazines, J-14 contains common features teen gossip, teen fashion, quizzes, posters, celebrities, and much more.

  • Justine magazine cover page


    The Lifestyle magazine for teenage girls, published six times per year.

  • M magazine Cover


    The Teen-entertainment magazine for ages 10 to 16.

  • Faze Teen magazine


    One of the Canadian magazines for student. The magazine contain articles about celebrity interviews, style, fashion, sports, fitness, teen stars, nutritional supplements, vitamins, sports injury basics, games, gear, student life, careers, college, university, finding a job, profiles of success, science & technology, feze contests, and more.

  • Dolly Teen magazine

    Dolly Australia)

    The Magazine is aimed at teenage girls between 14-17 age group. The magazine covering style & beauty news, fun stuff, relationships, entertainment, and more.

  • Alternative Press

  • Girl Zone

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