List of Hospital Clinic in Barisal Phone Address

In this  list is only for Barisal District. If your Hospital missed out then please your comment to the comment box. Your all comments are kindly received here. If you have any doubt about the  List then we will review your comment. As soon as possible we will also add your suggested Hospital name to this list.Also visit –List of Govt Medical College in Bangladesh


Barisal Hospital Clinic List Phone Location

Ambia Memorial Hospital
Bogura Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-2175364Apollo Diagnostic Complex (Pvt) Ltd.
135, Sader Road, Barisal,
Tel: 0431-2174019, 2174020, 01711-457444

BAVS Maternity Hospital
Hospital Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-63868

Comfort Diagnostic Lab
East Bogra Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-2175664

Dr. Captain Najib Uddin Clinic
45, Sader Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-2173234

Fair Health Clinic
Kalibari Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-64412

Eden Nursing Home
Bogra Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-64879, 01711-585760

Globe Diagnostic Lab
116/A, Sadar Road, Batar Goli, Barisal
Tel: 0431-61841, 01711-961093

Health Care Clinic
Parara Road, Barisal
Tel: 01712-252216

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Islami Bank Hospital
Chandmari, Barisal
Tel: 0431-71036, 71810,  Mobile: 01718-237662

Islam Poly Clinic
Bangla Bazar,  South Alekanda, Barisal
Tel: 0431-62099, 01716-043151Kirton Khola Diagnostic Centre
19, K.B. Hemayet Uddin Road, Barisal
Tel: 01711-192380

Konica Diagnostic Centre
116-B, Sadar Road, Barisal,
Tel: 01711-192380

Khadem Hossain Clinic
Bangla Bazar, Barisal
Tel: 0431-2175558

Momota Clinic
Kalibari Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-2174078, 01725-400252

Medinova Medical Services Ltd.
K.B.Hemayet Uddin Road, Barisal,
Tel: 0431-2173297, 2173923

Marie Stops Clinic
Club Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-2173228, 01712-626948

Moklesur Rahman (pvt.) Hospital & Clinic
Sader Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-63784, 01712-794900

Maternity Hospital
B M School Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-64590

Paribarik Shastho Clinic
Nabogram Road, Bottola, Barisal
Tel: 0431-2175239

Payra Nursing Home
Sagordi, Barisal
Tel: 0431-72043

Red Cresent Hospital
Barisal Sadar
Tel: 0431-62343

Razzak Memorial Clinic
Amtola, Bangla Bazar, Barisal
Tel: 01716-148809

Sher-E-Bangla Medical College Hospital (SBMCH)
Band Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-63400

South Universal Medical Services
Mokti Joddha Sangsod Bhaban, East Bogura Road, Barisal

South Bangla Nursing Home

Bangla Bazar, South Alekanda, Barisal
Tel: 01720-946539Sadar Hospital
Hospital Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-64372

Save Health Hospital & Clinic
134, Sader Road, Barisal
Tel: 0431-2174854, 01711-272602

Sheba Clinic
Band Road, Barisal
Tel: 01716-071470

General Hospital
Government Hospital, Hospital & Clinic,
Kotowali/Br. Sadar, Barisal
Tel: 01730-324760

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