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Daily Prothom Alo  is one of the biggest Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh based on Bangladeshi circulation.Now you can  Read Daily ProthomAlo Online Version eProthomalo Bangla 24/7 live Newspapers,Bangladesh newspapers Top Bangla Newspapers, Prothom-alo bd news headlines, Trustworthy Bengali Online Media Link in Bangladesh. National and International lifestyles, politics, economy.


Ever since its birth in 4th November of 1998, Prothom Alo has been one of the principal daily newspaper in Bangladesh. Having a huge 30 Million+ visitors per month, it ranks at #3 top visited website in Bangladesh right after Facebook, Google, and YouTube. 78.22% of visitors of this newspaper (online version) are from Bangladesh, 7.84% are from USA and the rest are from India, Canada, Australia and from other countries. 67% visitors directly visit prothomalo.com from their browser whereas 16.30% are from social media sites. prothomalo is the most read and most powerful publications in Bangladeshi people.trading, culture, health, budget, doctor advice, technology, parliament, population many more features at one webpage.


Also, they ongoing english news portal only on online version. it brings you the Bangladeshi recent news in Bangla, analysis by specialists, opinion by the right somebody on the right case, latest knowledge, lifestyles and video showbiz.


eProthomAlo Daily Bangla Newspapers(prothom alo epaper)


The Daily Prohtom Alo(দৈনিক প্রথম আলো) Bangla Newspapers Online version called ePapers Prothomalo or eprothomalo.In earlier time this most popular online version newspaper was free for online reader. Prothomalo authority practical this was a loss plan or project for them.That’s why they decided to close the eProthomalo Via Online. The remarkable matter is they can’t do this for its popularity!


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eProthomalo Subscription Simple Step




Now the ePaper is paid via online.Now  If you want to to Prothomalo Newspaper read via online. So You first need to Sign Up and pay first for a month to go after.

On behalf of subscribing eProthomAlo you have to pay monthly or yearly. If you wish to pay monthly then pay $1/month(50 Bangla TK), for six months need to pay $5(250 Bangla Money), and finally, for one year you have to count $8 or 400TK Bangla taka only.If you need more information visit eprothomalo.com.

Daily eProthomAlo subscription fee obtainable on Mobile Banking Rocket, bKash, Debit or Credit card and others online shopping card. Recently Grameen Phone balance is also accessible to buy this newspapers for weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions.

eProthomAlo  agrees you to read the paper by the PC- computer, laptop, tab, even Smart mobile phone supported with the online or offline method.


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Furthermore You can find it epaper.prothomalo.com with this links. If you go for reading Prothomalo ePapers as a paid member. You can also download each page of the newspaper for print and keep them. All the page  you will be download with duplicate image file format for print.


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