Online Payment Gateway List in Bangladesh

In This article we try to share list in Bangladesh all online Payment Gateway for readers.

01-SSL Commerz

Bangladesh Frist Online Payment gateway is SSL Commerz. Nowadays It is one of the leading Online payment gateway.It is providing the different combined segments of CMS like wordpress,Magento,CS Card etc. SSL Commerz has an contract with various Banks like Social Islami Bank Limited,City Bank etc.

02-Easy Pay Way

Easy Pay Way Another Online payment gateway in Bangladesh. They are deal different cards like Visa and card resolution for Bangladeshi Customers.It also provide whole e-commerce business Solution in Bangladesh.

03-Port Wallet

PortWallet provide National and International online Payment for e-commerce customer. Frist Time Port Wallet to make the started there journey of e-commerce Marchant easier. It is a trusted Payment Gateway in Bangladesh.


Aamar Pay is one of the most popular online payment gateway in Bangladesh.It is provide batter solution Marchant and E-Commerce customer.They are supports and brilliant customer experiences make Amar Pay Famous.

05- Shurjo Pay

ShurjoPay is a Frist Online payment gateway provider in Bangladesh that gets a license from The Bangladesh Bank. Shurjo Pay receives all Types of card and mobile wallet payment of Bangladesh.


Wallet Mix is another payment gateway in Bangladesh. It provides widespread payment gateway solutions for the e-commerce industry and other Marchants. Through this online gateway one can give any payment like bank, wire, card and mobile wallet. Wallet Mix is trying to provide the one-stop solution to its clients.


Here we provide all about the online payment gateway list in Bangladesh. If you are not sure around the payment gateway, you can ask our reference. We are looking onward to hearing from you.