List Of All College Eiin Number in Rangamati District

In this post I will share All Collage Eiin Number in Rangamati District,Bangladesh. EIIN means – Educational Institute Identification Number. So stay us with for more Information.You can visit our another post- All Bangladeshi Newspaper

Baghaichhari Upazila

  • Kachalong College (Eiin: 107685)
  • Shijak College (Eiin: 107686)

Kaukhali Upazila

  • Ghagra College. (Eiin: 107717)
  • Kawkhali College (Eiin: 107716)
  • Srijoni Trust School And College (Eiin: 132071)
  • Srijoni Trust School And College (Eiin: 132144)

Barkal Upazila

  • Barkal Ragib Rabeya College (Eiin: 136556)

Kaptai Upazila

  • Karnafuli College (Eiin: 107738)


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Langodu Upazila

  • Gulshakhali Border Guard Model College (Eiin: 138027)
  • Rabeta Model College (Eiin: 107764)Naniar Char College (Eiin: 107781)

Naniar Char Upazila

  • Naniar Char College (Eiin: 107781)

Rajsthali Upazila

  • Bangal Halia College (Eiin: 107788)
  • Rajsthali College (Eiin: 107789)

Rangamati Sadar Upazila

  • Lakers Public School And College (Eiin: 107796)
  • Rangamati Govt. College (Eiin: 107818)
  • Rangamati Govt. Mohila College (Eiin: 107819)
  • Rangamati Public College (Eiin: 136979)


In this last section, I try to share All Collage Eiin Number in Rangamati District.Thanks for visit us.

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