List Of All College Eiin Number in Balaganj Upazila

In this post I will share All Collage Eiin Number in Balaganj Upazila Sylhet District ,Bangladesh. EIIN means – Educational Institute Identification Number. So stay us with for more Information.You can visit our another post- All Bangla Newspaper

List Of All College Eiin Number Sylhet Board- Balaganj Upazila, Sylhet


  1. Balagang College (Eiin: 130124)
  2. Burunga Iqbal Ahmed High School & College (Eiin: 130092)
  3. Dayamir College (Eiin: 130126)
  4. Dewan Abdur Rahim Dbi- Pakshik High School & College (Eiin: 130090)
  5. Goala Bazar Adarsha Mohila College (Eiin: 130123)
  6. Mullapara Haji Abdu Miah College (Eiin: 137660)
  7. North East Balagonj College (Eiin: 136952)
  8. Tajpur College (Eiin: 130125)


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In this last section, I try to share All Collage Eiin Number in Balaganj  Upazila sylhet District.Thanks for visit us.

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