Iftar and Sehri Time in Dhaka Today 2022

In this post we share Iftar and Sehri Time in Dhaka Today 2022 for you.Also visit islamic Foundation Ramadan Calendar 2022 


Today  Iftar and Sheri Time In Dhaka Area

This section I will share Ramadan Iftar Time in Dhaka,Bangladesh.Ramjan will be started on 03 April 2022 hang on appears seen the moon in the sky.So we here share iftar & sheri timetable for Dhaka.

Today Iftar Time Dhaka Ramadan 6



Iftar Sheri Time for Dhaka District

Ramadan Ifter and Sehri Time

Islamic Foundation,Bangladesh


Iftar Dua Arabic and Bangla

iftar dua

Sheri Dua Arabic and Bangla


sheri dua