10 Best YouTubers in Bangladesh

01.Tawhid Afridi

Tawhid Afridi is now the number #1 YouTuber in Bangladesh.

02.Prottoy Heron

Prottoy Heron is a well-known and one of the most popular YouTubers in Bangladesh. He and his friends run a channel named -The Ajaira LTD.

03.Arthik Sajib

Arthik Sajib is the founder of a prank-based YouTube channel named Prank King Entertainment.

04.Rakib Hossain

Rakib Hossain is a young vlogger who started his journey on YouTube in 2019.


05.Hridoy Ahmed Shanto

Hridoy Ahmed Shanto is a popular YouTuber in Bangladesh


06.Ayman Sadiq

There is not a single student in Bangladesh who does not know Ayman Sadiq. He is the founder of 10 Minutes School. His YouTube Channel has got 1.69M subscribers.

07.Salman Muhammad Muqtadir

he name of his YouTube channel is SalMoN TheBrownFish.

08.Samim Hasan Sarker

Samim Hasan Sarker is an actor in mini screen drama in Bangladesh.


09.Tahseen N Rakib

Tahseen N Rakib is one of the most popular YouTubers in Bangladesh though he lives in the United States.

10.Rasheduzzaman Rakib


Rasheduzzaman Rakib started his journey on YouTube in 2016. Since then, he has been running a movie-based channel named RnaR.